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Every single parcel we buy online needs to be delivered. And that is costing the planet and our health. 

Tracking Amazon: How Neighbors Are Monitoring Pollution From New Delivery Hubs 

Advocates Push California on Critical New Fleet Rule 

78% of consumers across 6 cities in India attribute last mile delivery vehicles to rising air pollution and climate change 

Thousands of children join #StreetsforKids in 140 actions across Europe 

New Report: Revealing the Secret Emissions of E-Commerce 

Press release: Secrets of E-Commerce report reveals how Amazon, DPD, FedEX and others are polluting our streets and cities 

Charge the Streets: the new campaign fighting for 100% zero emission deliveries by 2030 

Why the Amazon effect is dangerous for people and planet 

Major e-commerce companies failed to meet net zero-emission targets: Study 

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