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Cyber Monday’s E-commerce Boom Raises Carbon Emission Concerns 

Press Release: New wave of “Make Amazon Pay” strikes and protests on Black Friday in over 30 countries 

Safe & Healthy Tacoma Threatened By Warehousing 

Barcelona Delivery Tax: At last! A European city taking the fight directly to the big delivery companies. 

Every single parcel we buy online needs to be delivered. And that is costing the planet and our health. 

Tracking Amazon: How Neighbors Are Monitoring Pollution From New Delivery Hubs 

Advocates Push California on Critical New Fleet Rule 

78% of consumers across 6 cities in India attribute last mile delivery vehicles to rising air pollution and climate change 

Thousands of children join #StreetsforKids in 140 actions across Europe 

New Report: Revealing the Secret Emissions of E-Commerce 

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