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Charge the Streets

We’re putting companies like Amazon, Deutsche Post DHL and FedEX on notice.
– CMC International Coordinator

We Need 100% Zero Emission Deliveries by 2030

If we can move the big logistics corporations that are responsible for public health and climate impacts to commit to zero emission deliveries, a precedent will be set for cleaner, safer and healthier cities. Corporate victories send market and political signals that allow other actors to fall in line.

To be effective in moving these global companies, we need a coordinated, international strategy. That’s where you come in.

View the latest Charge the Streets campaign microsite: Amazon: #DeliverChange

Zero emissions deliveries will require a shift to electric delivery vehicles. But we also need other solutions, like e-cargo bikes.

When the Clean Mobility Collective commissioned the report, Parcel Delivery on a Warming Planet, we found six major global logistics, e-commerce and retail companies (Amazon, Walmart, FedEx, UPS, Deutsche Post DHL Group and FlipKart) all failed to set ambitious targets to decarbonize. In addition, they do not provide clear and accessible data on the measures they are currently taking or any progress made to date. Whilst these companies acknowledge the climate crisis and the impact of last mile deliveries, they are falling short.

Regional Corporate Campaigns

In addition to moving a few global targets as a whole collective, regional CMC members may choose to focus on 1-2 additional delivery companies who they can move to 100% zero emission delivery commitments in their country.

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